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With legislation turning evermore toward energy saving (Nearly Zero Energy Buildings) and eco-friendly building solutions, and with housing demands increasing in a market place where there are too few affordable starter homes, insufficient social housing and a greater global need for modular easy-to construct buildings, the team at Green Build Systems (GBS) is fully aware that the demand for a reusable energy-saving construction panel could not be greater. Already, within this market, demand is outstripping the ability to supply and the opportunities are almost endless.

To this end we are already receiving forward orders for our insulated eco-panels and have also received much interest in replicating our manufacturing process (which also has ”patent pending” status).

Social and charitable needs

Unfortunately, there are also far too many opportunities to supply our products into areas where the need is great for fast-build / temporary shelters – such as disaster areas (earthquakes, war zones, homeless shelters, refugee camp shelters, pop-up medical units, pop-up food stations, etc.). It remains our intention to support these areas whenever we are able, and actively to seek solutions in the provision of such needed structures.

Green Build Systems’ contribution towards Zero Carbon

In 2006 zero carbon targets were announced, and since then there has been considerable discussion as to how this might be realistically achieved. There has been much talk about Passivhaus, and whilst some progress has been made, the housing shortage continues to increase – as indeed has the cost of energy.

With this new factory concept, GBS presents the opportunity to develop and maintain a manufacturing centre of excellence in an emerging global market. GBS is looking to change this dynamic not only by making a major contribution to supplying the market demand, but also to making a significant contribution towards the zero carbon targets.

One of our panel ranges is targeted at the Passivhaus market arena, and tests have proved that our panels can make a significant contribution to this end.

Target niche markets for composite panel users and off-site build markets

The list below is extensive but by no means exhaustive. If you have a specific requirement please contact us.

  • Agritech – Vertical modular pods.
  • Eco-lodges and pods for the leisure market.
  • The eco-residential market.
  • Panel supply for the construction and Passive Housing markets.
  • Modular agricultural buildings and livestock barns.
  • House extensions.
  • Pods for hotel rooms / student accommodation pods.
  • Bathroom pods.
  • Garden pods.
  • Cold storage units.
  • Disaster recovery accommodation.
  • Refugee camp accommodation.
  • Homeless shelters.
  • Overspill rooms / offices.
  • Clean rooms.
  • Pop-up food stations.
  • Pop-up medical rooms.
  • Temperature controlled storage rooms.


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