GBS continues to grow, particularly as both a manufacturer and supplier of innovative and practical controlled environment growing systems (with emphasis upon vertical / urban farms) and the supply of the technical growing equipment where required.

The factory and offices currently house our Research and Development facility.



We continue our Research and Development programmes to utilise our “green” products to design and create other “envelopes” and structures for the Agritech markets where we are carving out niche markets for our innovative products.

R&D farms for niche markets

We are now also concentrating the next phase of our strategy to develop and market a range of smaller R&D farms dedicated to niche growing requirements along with those particularly related to healthcare needs, high value natural cosmetic requirements and ingredients sectors where there are identified market shortages unlikely to be filled by standard agriculture.

R&D laboratory

Working closely with strategic partners, we now have a requirement to design and develop a plant research laboratory on-site for location within our bio-sensitive areas currently containing our vertical farm modules. Once equipped and operational, the laboratory will be primarily used for research and testing of produce through our R&D farms along with plant yield assessment and nutrient improvement. Additionally, this may also accommodate research programmes and offer laboratory time to outside organisations either as a sold service or as part of collaborative beneficial programmes.

Renewable energy solutions

As designers and manufacturers of controlled environment solutions, GBS is committed to offering the best available renewable and sustainable methods for powering our vertical and urban farms.

Within the factory, we have a team that are measuring current usages, mathematically modelling solutions and working closely with our strategic partners in energy supply and management, to offer and sell these systems with our farms. We have recently developed our own hybrid system of combining solar pv panels with battery storage and have managed to identify a solution where we can run the show farm off-grid.

We are also exploring other methods such as wind power and farms that can be linked and managed in conjunction with solar farms and other sustainable power generators.     

Research teams & forward-thinking strategies  

Within this necessary and rapidly blossoming market of controlled environment agriculture, it is necessary to continue to look at new, innovative ways of meeting the ever-increasing demands. With health, food security & accessibility issues, climate change and ever-growing global populations to cater for, we are fully aware that we must be flexible and aware of ever-changing conditions (such as the global Pandemic or “Brexit” in the UK), noting that crisis can occur rapidly with devastating effects.

Our research teams are continuously studying changing markets, conducting sector analysis and consulting government white papers whilst attempting to predict potential shortages so that we may be better prepared to offer solutions. The research teams work closely with the products designers, our R&D farms, and laboratory testing colleagues (currently external organisations) to design the next solution or indeed, to offer our current products.       


  • We will have a modern factory – Contemporarily equipped with advantageous manufacturing capability.
  • A superior product – Patents have been applied for at every stage of development; a unique product which we are confident will satisfy a major market requirement.
  • A ready-made marketplace – Present commercial landscape changes towards achieving a more sustainable and greener future.
  • Sister companies’ benefits – Operations in high-end leisure and construction markets.
  • Ability to operate within niche markets – Expansion into under-supplied markets.
  • Flexible manufacturing systems – Versatility to handle panel size fluctuations and demands with rapid response if required.
  • Our management team – Wide experience and success across multiple disciplines such as start-up businesses, engineering, construction, and composite industries and operations management.
  • Location – Local docks, airports, and major motorway networks.
  • Quality control – When completed, our systems will offer high levels of consistent quality through automated methods, operating within ISO 9001 modules.
  • Eco-friendly status products – Highly cost-effective solutions, improving green credentials and stimulating energy saving.

Not only are we developing an eco-friendly energy saving range of construction products, but we have also formulated blueprints of an efficient process by which these products may be made, and have also developed a three-tier factory blueprint for which licenced owners or partners may use to replicate the manufacture of GBS Eco-Panels.

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