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GrowStack Technologies is a UK vertical farming Consultancy.

The team has been fundamental to the design and build of notable CEA (Controlled Environment Agriculture) applications such as Growing Underground, Space 10 (IKEA), Liberty Produce, Stockbridge Technology Centre, and several others.

Additionally, the company exhibits nearly a century’s worth of formidable experience in the fields of agronomy, horticulture, horticultural engineering, and mechanical and industrial engineering.

GBS has entered into a JV collaboration with the company, and will benefit from their core team’s wealth of experience and expertise.

Green Build


GBS welcomes Worldfresh (an integral part of Total Produce) as its JV Collaborator, who, at the time of agreement was one of the world’s largest fresh produce providers. With a commitment to best agronomic and sustainable practices from farm to fork, Total Produce operate across Europe.

GBS has been actively involved with two of the UK business arms, Worldfresh and Charltons – a leading grower and packer of top, stone and soft fruit to multiple leading retailers and leading supermarkets in the UK.

In August 2021, Total Produce (Ireland) combined with Dole Food Company (US) to form Dole Plc, raising US$400m via its IPO on the New York Stock Exchange. The company is now the world’s largest fresh food producer, covering over 300 products across 90 countries. Post-merger Dole showed a revenue of some US$9.7 billion.


Green Build


GBS joins forces with Current (recently known as GE Current, a Daintree Company) by way of a partnership and distribution agreement, and benefits from their technical expertise and brand influence in a combined effort to help businesses and growers realise the potential behind vertical farming solutions. This includes developing solutions that are open, accessible, and viable to such entities, whilst providing cultivation methods that are sustainable, productive, and profi­table for all year-round crop yields.

Current delivers the most sustainable and high-quality connected lighting solutions. With roots dating back to 1879 when Thomas Edison invented the first practical incandescent lightbulb, the Edison General Electric Company was established a few years later.

Further to its divestiture from GE in 2019, Current remains committed to the commercial lighting industry to help make the future of lighting brighter.


Green Build


The company is made up of a fusion of engineers, scientists, farmers and business professionals and with the assistance of sister company Sanan Opto- Electronics (The World’s largest LED chip manufacturer, plus the Institute of Botany of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.)

We are receiving advice, support and technical growing systems from a recognised expert and technical innovator in the burgeoning Agri-tech industry.

Our latest farm utilises The Radix which is cutting edge vertical farming technology which is providing simple solutions to complex problems.

Green Build


UPS Solar are experts in the installation of solar pv systems and battery storage solutions, with a nationwide coverage offering a personal service. They are an ideal company to work with GBS and our clients as we move forward.

With a commercial farm and keen to aim for carbon neutral status, we have been keen to explore battery storage and backup systems as well as photovoltaic systems, and have found UPS Solar to be knowledgeable, offering sound advice and well equipped to handle all our requirements.

UPS Solar are members of the MSC (Microgeneration Certification Scheme), RECC (Renewable Energy Consumer Code), Government approved NAPIT (National Association of Professional Inspectors & Testers) and also fully backed under insurance through QANW (QA National Warranties). We are confident that UPS Solar can help us provide an overall invaluable service to our clients.

Green Build


Autarsys is an innovative energy solutions firm headquartered in Germany with global operations stretching across countries such as Kenya through to Madagascar, India, and Australia.

As a provider of cost-effective and sustainable energy storage systems, Autarsys is builder of advanced battery container solutions which primarily help their customers achieve energy and power independence.

Whether it is from far flung islands to off-grid villages and largescale industrial grids, Autarsys collaborates with local providers to deliver technical expertise and logistical know-how in order to reduce CO2 emissions via replacing aging carbon and fossil fuel systems with renewables, integrate on and off-grid power systems, introduce intelligent software to stabilise and optimise energy usage and furthermore, electrify communities that were once in the dark!

GBS is delighted to benefit from Autasys’s expertise throughout our operations, more so, as we integrate their modular Energy Storage Systems (ESS) and functionality into the designs of our Modular Vertical Farms, in turn helping to create our fully off-grid farm solutions.


The company is a UK-based multi-faceted product development and manufacturing company made up from a blending of engineers, designers, software specialists, and business professionals.


UV systems for water treatments, air/surface disinfection, automation products, control systems build, design and manufacture (inclusive of programming software and remote telemetry), welding and fabrication, sheet metal work, machining, 3D printing, assembly, and project management.

The synergy between our two businesses is clear and the GBS team are pleased to welcome the SYNT Group's expertise - this making for a potentially long and fruitful partnership particularly with manufacturing of existing systems and the further development of new product ranges.

As part of our growing operations, GBS works closely with numerous organisations globally who can provide us with a breadth of expertise and advice to facilitate our development.

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