If you are looking for a niche market with several buyers awaiting produce, then Green Build Systems can develop specialist R&D Scale farms to research and perfect the plants required! Our partner supply chain experts can identify buyers and on occasions, the contracts in advance of the plant cycle.

With such high growth in market size for pharmaceutical plants, natural cosmetics ingredients, plant-based pet care, and complementary & alternative medicines as well as targeted specialist plants for specific disease control, the opportunities to enter this marketplace as a specialist grower have never been better.


“The value of medicinal plants lies in their bioactive components which usually require extraction. By growing them in a clean (hydroponic) and controllable conditions/environment, you could get the materials with controlled phytochemical profile, with easier downstream processing (extraction, purification). These will definitely increase the value of the plant materials”.

Nisit Kittipongpatana - Chiang Mai University



Saltwater R & D Farm

To grow Samphire (Sea Beans / Sea Asparagus / Salicornia / Seaweed)

As well as a dish becoming popular in restaurants as a premium vegetable which is versatile enough to eat raw, sauteed or often boiled, it is creating greater interest from the health sector as it is loaded with vitamins.

It is effective in treating hypertension and liver disease – it is now also used as an important ingredient in the treatment in colon and liver cancers, lipid lowering properties (breakdown of fats), antibacterial (natural antibiotic), diabetes treatment, treatment of obesity, immune system improvements, bone health and also as an antiseptic food additive.

Seaweed contains Iodine and Tyrosine for Thyroid function support. It is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals containing antioxidants including fucoxanthin which is thought to be over 13 times the antioxidant capacity of vitamin E. Supporting gut health, seaweed is also thought to be beneficial to weight loss and may help to reduce heart disease and blood sugar control in Type 2 diabetes.

Green Build
Green Build

Clean Vegetable Farming

Low Potassium Greens / Nutrient specific vegetables / Biofortified vegetables

Also known as “clean vegetables”, low potassium greens are particularly beneficial for kidney patients. This is important as so many kidney patients on a low potassium diet are often deficient in vegetables and subsequently risk other health issues through lack of natural vitamins and minerals.

Low potassium kale when grown in vertical farms has increased glucosinolate content which has significant benefits elsewhere.

It is only by research that we are learning how to use nutrients at different cycles of a plant’s life to determine effects on specific nutrients, elements to eradicate, yield changes and plant life cycle.

Biofortified vegetables may be grown for example, for those with a calcium deficiency (found frequently in East Asia). High Calcium plants are beneficial for those millions of people with lactose intolerance.


Speciality high value crops  

Saffron is the world’s highest-priced spice, extracted from the crocus sativus plant and can do well within a hydroponic system and being contained within a controlled environment, the precious stigmas can be well protected.

As well as being an incredibly expensive ingredient, it has natural health benefits - many of which can be intensified through vertical farm conditions.

Benefits of Saffron:

  • A powerful Antioxidant.
  • Is sometimes used to treat depressive symptoms.
  • Is sometimes used for its cancer-fighting properties.
  • Can aid in the fight against obesity.
  • Can be used in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease.
  • May lower blood sugar levels.
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One great benefit of a controlled environment is quality and total traceability.

The demands of the medicinal and natural cosmetic industries are high and vertical farming is geared to meet this challenge. Total control of the growth cycle, and all grown in a single unit under controlled conditions – a perfect solution.

Interested in specialist farms?

If you would like to learn more about speciality growing in GBS research and development farms, have a plant project in mind, wish to sponsor a farm for specific use, or would wish to purchase a farm developed for specific crops, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

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