At Green Build Systems, we do not believe that our interest in the future success of your farm finishes the moment the “keys” are handed to you.

Don’t despair, we have your back covered!

It is important that all buyers and customers know we take an active interest in the post-sales process, and that preventative maintenance and service contracts are also available. These provide support and protection not only against equipment failure, but also ensure that programmes are fully functioning, that clean down and flushing procedures have been conducted thoroughly, lighting (where required) will be replaced and that testing of other vital equipment such as HVAC systems is conducted to ensure it is operational at maximum efficiency.

Preventive maintenance generally involves the periodic and systematic inspection of equipment which may wear with time and usage, and to check if routine procedures such as “flushing through” is taking place correctly to protect future crops.

Preventive maintenance is designed to try to prevent real disasters from happening or irreparable damage to equipment occurring, thereby saving the buyer significant time and expense.  The service component will usually include corrective work done to the farm equipment to restore it to its prime operating state.


We may, on occasion by request offer service and preventative maintenance agreements to vertical farms and equipment that is not a Green Build Systems Vertical Farm or installation.

Prior to any agreement, we will require the reasonable opportunity to visit the farm and conduct an inspection and reserve the right to decline entering into agreement should we so wish to do so.

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