GBS was originally established as a Research and Development (R&D) team to undertake innovative activities in developing new products or in certain instances, improving existing services, processes, or products.

Like most R&D projects, we had initial ideas relating to how we thought we should proceed and tried to project outcomes. R&D is by its nature difficult to predict, meaning we cannot ascertain in advance how we are to achieve the desired result, or even if outcomes will take on a different format.

In areas, our R&D objectives were established somewhat upon the strategy of the European Environmental Research and Innovation policy.

Within selected parameters, we have strived to provide safe, economically feasible, environmentally sound, and socially acceptable solutions to the challenges we set ourselves.

Stages of progression


Research begins for construction panels.


Development of the Composite full format Eco-panel.


Development of Eco-panels to carbon neutrality and "net zero" carbon footprint.


Potential applications for prefabricated and modular buildings explored.


The development of modular vertical farm applications supporting food security and accessibility.


Research and working R & D partnerships in the development of renewable energy systems and battery back-up systems.


The research and development of specialist small R & D farms aimed at niche markets and specific health related produce development.


Requirement for on-site laboratory facilities to measure nutrients, plant growth, reproduction, evolution, and adaptation in controlled environments, as well as the use of these plants in medicine, general health care, food, cosmetics, and ingredients.

We started from a position in which we researched construction panels, and developed our own composite full format eco-panel, and by later extension, explored the potential of prefabricated and modular building opportunities. As a result of our initial work, we have developed the GBS modular vertical farm and other related agricultural modular buildings related to this market arena.

We have completed the initial phase on a GBS eco panel and have applied for a UK and European patent which, we understand is close to being granted – the panels are seen as a potential attribute to our agricultural modular buildings in terms of being significant where climatic temperature is an issue – plus, they support our drive to maintain global Governments’ principles of carbon neutrality.


Factory shell and offices

  • This is built inclusive of training area, warehousing, and storage.
  • Equipped with 25,000 sq. feet of manufacturing / office / R&D, training warehouses and bio-secure areas for our current projects.

Our next aim is to utilise further factory area space (inclusive of further building works) to accommodate the R&D Facilities of several smaller scale R&D vertical farms for specific niche markets and to build a full-scale plant research laboratory.

We retain the rights to further develop the full format GBS Eco panel for entry into the construction marketplace, but as we have so much positive interest in the vertical and urban market projects our attention will remain fixed on this for the foreseeable future.


We know there is a need for Vertical Farming to help to create food security and food accessibility to good quality fresh and nourishing food, as well as provide the basis for health care herbs and medicinal plants – all of this to an overpopulated and frequently undernourished world.

Even in the UK, we have serious problems with food security and accessibility, plus an overcommitment to importing food, and we could see a positive place for our products, where we can make a difference as well as make a profit.

We identified a real need for a bridge between the large scale multi-million vertical farms and the small 40 ft container farms, which albeit quite accessible, do not necessarily offer the best solution to high yield growing conditions.

Via smaller and lighter weight modified versions of our composite panels or also, by using timber frame constructions with sustainable timber panels, we have developed a series of modular vertical farms which have been produced for various clients and have created much positive interest. This has encouraged our plans for the development of other Agritech related modular building opportunities.

Paving the way for a future of advanced manufacturing and Agri-technology.
In order to develop this GBS opportunity, our R&D team have nurtured relationships with several specialists with whom we are working closely – some as joint venture partners with GBS and others, via utilising their specialist skills and in sharing our collective knowledge, experience, and research.

This shared knowledge will prove itself invaluable as we are helping to develop hybrid Solar electric and Thermal energy systems linked to the farm, plus new lighting systems, and automated nutrient systems, etc.

We are on the verge of developing more farms and continue researching all the numerous market opportunities that this is bringing.

Exciting times ahead for GBS!

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