GBS becomes a Member of the Enterprise Investment Scheme Association (EISA)

GBS is pleased to announce its recent membership with the EISA – the official trade body for the Enterprise Investment Scheme.

As a member, this allows us to obtain excellent insights into potential reviews and changes with the UK Budget, obtain the latest on regulatory issues and Government/ HMRC updates on EIS matters.

During the course of 2020/21, it is no exaggeration to say that this will be one of the most historic periods of time where SMEs (or the small business) will be reflected upon for their value and importance to the UK economy. Small businesses are considered to be the very lifeblood of the UK economy.

Whilst being part of the wider EIS/SEIS industry and having access to Expert Forums, this presents GBS an opportunity to contribute to the work of authoritative committees by helping address those pertinent issues affecting the industry and hopefully, effecting positive improvements.


GBS Vertical Farms - Really modular – really sustainable, higher yield and realistic.

Sustainability building specialists, Green Build Systems, have launched their latest exciting range…


A unique and sustainable vertical farm system designed to offer flexible solutions in an ever-changing environment, but in a fully sustainable, yield-conscious, and realistic way. Rarely do we find such extensive knowledge of construction and agriculture all under one roof!

“Nothing prepared me for the instant WOW factor of stepping into the new on-site show farm. Looking every inch, a standard building from outside, simply step inside and enter a different world – plants spread before you almost as far as the eye can see – so much growth in this purpose-built space, oozing high-tech professionalism but also fresh, healthy, each plant bursting with flavour.

So, what separates this vertical urban farm from the rest and how did they get to this position? To discover what was behind this, I spoke to Alex Pearce from GBS.”



UK Urban Agritech collective – UKUAT

Green Build Systems have joined Urban Agritech!

Urban Agritech’s remit is to bring together the UK’s key players in modern agricultural technologies.

The “collective” is all about influencing policy and helping to provide solutions for food and environmental crises. Certainly, an immediate term objective is to achieve greater sustainability and resilience in the UK food system, an aim close to those of the GBS team.

GBS joins other known controlled environment agriculture specialists, funders, hardware innovators and other such luminaries as Queen’s University Belfast and the Harper Adams University’s research departments.

So impressed with what GBS has achieved and with the systems that we continue to develop that Mark Horler, Founder & Chairman of the UKUAT network, has planned for a personal visit to the farm – Watch this space!


Having been commissioned to design and build a modular vertical farm for a new client, the new Modular Vertical Farm ticks all the boxes in terms of “the ideal bridge between the massively expensive industrial scale commercial farms and the smaller container farms which are often used as a starting point” .

As Alex Pearce CEO of Green Build Systems stated, “As a designer, manufacturer and installer of sustainable modular structures, GBS were approached to create an efficient structure which could accommodate either hydroponic or aeroponic systems and which would offer maximum potential yields for the footprint size. Through detailed mathematical modelling we created a modular building of approx. 900 sq. ft which ticked all the boxes for our client.”

Alex went on to say, “With Brexit and the current crisis we are living through, people understand the value of hyper-local food production and also the benefits of a secure food supply for our communities. Now we have methods, thanks to advances in horticulture lighting, to be able to grow food within buildings in this way.”

A client spokesperson for our new client went on to say, “We are delighted with the system that GBS have designed for us and are certain it will make a really positive impact in this marketplace. GBS have gone that extra mile and have given our customers options not only on sizes and systems but it may be possible to be linked to hybrid solar and renewable thermal energy systems – It is unique and state-of-the-art, and we already have some serious players wanting to go to Yorkshire to view it”.



Green Build Systems Ltd,  the Hatfield-based Vertical Farming and Agricultural Modular building Designer and Manufacturer, are delighted to announce that local retailers W M Waites of Conisbrough, Doncaster have decided to take advantage of the new Research and Design Vertical Farm in Hatfield, and will be stocking the freshest, nutrient full and mouth-wateringly delicious herbs such as fresh Thai Basil and salad greens on a regular basis.

A spokesperson from Green Build Systems Ltd is quoted as saying; “We are really pleased to be supplying a known and long-standing retailer close to home. It ticks all the boxes, especially in terms of keeping food miles to a minimum and will be a great local advertisement for the taste and health benefits enjoyed by produce grown in a fully controlled vertical farm environment.”

David Waite, Managing Director of the family business which has been established over 35 years believes it will prove to be a great addition to the stores Food and Drink ranges. “We currently stock a wide range of foods and herbs but have not seriously ventured into such locally sourced fresh produce before. I have visited the vertical farm and it is seriously exciting to see fresh produce free of insecticides and chemicals, grown soil free for 365 days of the year with no seasonal variations. It is a great opportunity for two local businesses to support each other in a mutually beneficial way”.

Both companies are looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship.

Call us on: +44 (0) 113 733 5186 to find out more!