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The Green Build Systems (GBS) team have utilised their design and manufacturing skills to create bespoke “plug and play” modular vertical / urban farm solutions.

Our onsite show farm

The GBS current show farm was successfully designed to bridge the gap for a client who did not wish to start at “industrial scale” farming, but who knew that a standard container farm scale would be too small and restrictive for requirements. The show farm requirement was designed to accommodate a hydroponic system in a horizontal tray format. We also design and sell farms in:

  • Hydroponic tower and true vertical systems
  • Aeroponic systems
  • Hybrid systems
  • Aquaponic systems
  • “Flood and drain” systems.  

Looking for a farm for a specific crop?

Following detailed research, the GBS team are designing farms for specific crop purposes. These may be for high value specialist crops, or for specific pharmaceutical purposes, cosmetic plants, or even salt-water crops, etc.

If you have a specialist need or wish to explore a particular plant-based project, please contact our sales team today.

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The Modular Vertical Farm has been designed in multiple sizes each having been tested using mathematical modelling techniques, intended to provide maximum yield for the proposed use and the growing system required for crop type.

The fully operational farm (pictured) offers an internal growing area footprint of some 77 sqm. or 829 sq. feet. More importantly being a vertical system, it gives a maximum growing area of almost 4,900 cubic feet (138 Cubic m).

The Modular Vertical Farm solution, as indicated, can be slightly larger than that as shown above, allowing a complete new row of growing modules and thereby, increase yields further over virtually the same footprint.

GBS will be able to offer different sized farms for specific purposes, which is the beauty of having everything encased within a modular structure.

“Indoor farmers do not have to pray for rain, or sunshine, or moderate temperatures, or anything else related to the production of food crops, for that matter.” – The Vertical Farm

Green Build
Green Build
Green Build

The fully operational vertical farm is a working design and is available to view by appointment. It may be seen, complete with crops grown in it, which are the responsibility of our own horticultural research and development team.


Designed by GBS and fitted with the state-of-the-art technology from strategic partners Sananbio, the farm utilises their modular RADIX grow solution. This is scalable up to 8 layers and their customisable light-bed height allows optimised growth rates at every stage of plant growth.


  • Built on a timber frame (using only sustainable timbers) and cladded using Volcanic ash boards, the modular structure is fully insulated. The insulation has a reflective breather membrane offering exceptional thermal performance. The unit has rubber roof fitted and comes complete with rainwater harvesting system.
  • The building can be fitted with a hybrid renewable energy solar Panel system generating electricity and thermal energy (optional). CO² boost is integrated into the system.
  • Built-in access hatches.
  • External area for Air-Con units. Tech room included for water tanks, plumbing systems, etc.
  • Decontamination room / airlock complete with 2 mtr. Sinks, benches, and lockers.
  • All internal wall surfaces are food and medical grade finishes and hospital grade flooring.
  • Fully integrated system with VegMax LED lighting with optimised spectrums.
  • Nutrient delivery system is a hybrid of NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) and DWC (Deep Water Culture) with a gravity-driven water circulation system.
  • The racking system is designed in high-density food grade polypropylene and scalable to 8 layers.
  • Installed with the latest slimline H-Vac system designed to condition the space to maintain correct temperature, air flow and air moisture levels for positive growth.
  • Delivered ready for on-site build and installation.
  • The Modular Vertical Farm is a unique modular building with eaves allowing greater capture of thermal energy.
  • When using vertical tower systems, this will allow the user to utilise every cubic inch of available crop growing space.


All GBS vertical farms are bespoke to client’s practical requirements.

As well as our current horizontal hydroponic system, we can equally utilise other systems such as hydroponic vertical towers, aeroponic systems, hybrid systems and flood and drain systems.

Our design team and technical specialists start from first principals in terms of what you want to grow – what your anticipated market will be and what produce quantities you can sell or using at the outset. The beauty of the modular system is that it is totally flexible – we can link to it so that it grows as your business grows – it can be moved as your requirements dictate – You never need to be capacity restricted.

We are not simply manufacturing a “one size fits all solution.

Versatility in solutions

  • If you need a small beginning – we can design and build this for you.
  • If you want a mix of growing systems – we can design and build this for you.
  • If you have your market and want a large-scale commercial farm – we can design and build this for you.
  • If you want to save on the envelope and situate the farm in an existing building or into an urban environment – we can design and build it for you.


GBS modular vertical farms are different from the rest in several ways:

  • They are modular - so it’s not a one size fits all approach.
  • They can be built off-line or on site by our installation team.
  • Many can be delivered in sections and can accommodate builds in tight spaces such as underground carparks in urban areas. 
  • Sizes are calculated by mathematical modelling to ensure maximum capacity of growing and maximum attainable yields.
  • Many of our farms can be run very efficiently on renewable energy power and some can operate fully off-grid.
  • No farms or growing mediums have been designed without extensive Research and Development by our in-house team.
  • GBS have expertise in many areas and can offer farms with different growing mediums to suit both the types of plants that are to be grown or even local climatic conditions.
  • Our original 20 ft farm design was designed to have a similar capacity to that of a traditional 40ft shipping container.
  • The “envelopes”/clean rooms can be installed either for outdoor use or to be housed inside an existing building or structure.
  • Farms can be designed to be hydroponic, aeroponic, hybrid, aquaponic, a flood and drain system, or even mixtures and can be vertical tower or vertical with horizonal trays.
  • GBS are also developing special niche farms (due to demand) for specific crops such as pharmaceutical, saltwater, high value speciality crop, and beyond.


The GBS team can design urban and vertical modular farms that can be delivered in flat-pack format ready for our installers can build on-site.

Either have the GBS Modular building constructed in our timber-framed sustainably responsible sourced timber format, or for particularly adverse climatic conditions, have it can be constructed from our own insulated composite GBS Eco-Panels.

Interesting in buying a farm? Have a project to discuss?

Please feel free to contact our sales team today to receive friendly advice without obligation on your part.

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Think you may need finance or funding?

For those who require finance to purchase farms, we also have relationships with entities that are regulated to undertake credit broking services.

With a modular concept and the GBS design team – all things are possible.

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