Practical spaces and practical solutions predominantly for the Controlled Environment, Agritech and agricultural industries.


Modular construction methods are transforming the construction sector, speeding up build times as well as protecting the environment.

Benefits of modular methods

  • Up to 50% faster than traditional construction methods – plus no weather delays.
  • Offsite construction means better control and less disruption.
  • Reduced impact on our customers – up to 80% of the construction process occurs away from the end users’ site.
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly materials used with reduced wastage.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Innovative, practical designs that are aesthetically pleasing.
  • Quality build.
  • Flexible and durable.

Rapidly now becoming the construction method of choice; more and more people are seeking modular designs for highly cost-effective, fast, and efficient construction.


The first GBS prototype was constructed from our own GBS Eco Panels and provided us with a perfect research facility for the first GBS Modular Vertical Farm – the envelope which is a flat roofed structure is capable of being added to (multiple times over) so as to increase the footprint as required, and can also be built one on top of another to double capacity whilst largely maintaining the same overall carbon footprint. The original structure is currently being used in our R&D vertical farming programme.

Tests showed us that for the average northern European climate, we could further improvise the design and cost performance of the modular vertical farm by not just necessarily using our own SIPs, but instead, quality sustainable timbers for frame structures.

Our timber-framed building modules are constructed from the finest responsibly sourced sustainable timbers.

Using highly regarded designers, structural engineers, and mathematical modelling techniques, we have calculated the “optimum” size to give maximum crop yields. We have a modular building that has eaves rather than the standard flat roof to provide additional structural strength along with maximum space for vertical growth, rather than increasing the overall footprint of the unit.

Our prototype farm also comes fully equipped and connected to hybrid solar and thermal energy systems.

Green Build

Our original 20 ft farm design had a similar capacity to that of a 40 ft container.

Green Build


Once a project is commissioned and “live”, we allocate your single point of contact and responsibility.

Full technical details are available upon application.

Our quality buildings provide cost-effective turnkey solutions, accompanied by personal service, site appraisals and fast response times.

  • Packing rooms
  • Germination rooms
  • Offices
  • Farm shops & cafes
  • Feeding stations
  • Food grade compliant rooms
  • Training rooms
  • Sales rooms
  • Waiting rooms
  • Security offices
  • Farm accommodation
  • Toilets and shower rooms

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