Once approved and certificated, our concept will typify panels capable of making a major contribution toward a Passivhaus and/or high energy reduced standard of building. We will build enough flexibility in our manufacturing systems to engineer different grades of insulation and heat loss control, according to requirements.

There will be multiple combinations of panel sizes to suit the end product with a thickness of between 125 mm to 300 mm, depending on the use and level of insulation required.

With the various challenges faced within the building and construction industries, GBS will be utilising the latest in advanced materials combined with scientific, technological, and manufacturing innovation in order to create the range of GBS Eco-Panels.


  • We will manufacture a range of sizes up to 12 metres long with our composite panels.
  • Opportunities offered for fast-build projects or structures.
  • Our structures may be ready-assembled for off-site construction, and can be ordered with services built-in.

The provision of offset SIP layers surprisingly solves the problem with SIPs, which is that they cannot be used to span gaps of greater than 6m without the use of a supporting member (such as a steel frame). As a result, the offset SIP layers feature avoids considerable expense and time-delays in a building project, and the precision engineered manufacture further negates the need for on-site cutting, sizing and “making good”.

We have had a number of tests conducted in order to determine the best system of joining panels, stemming from GRP angles and wood, through to aluminium and various mixtures – this until we reached the medium which increased the U-value the least.

We are currently patent pending on this joint style.    

Green Build

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