Fully off-grid renewable energy usage for the running of GBS vertical farms.

As a further step forward toward sustainability both for the farms we design and install, and, as a significant step taken for GBS’s own green credentials, we have mastered the ability to generate and store enough solar energy to run and maintain the GBS modular vertical show farm completely off-grid.

Our renewable energy specialist team have installed a battery storage and back-up system for the farm, and we are now installing an array of state-of-the-art photovoltaics (PV) solar panels, so that the farm can be self-energy generating and run off-the-grid with no mains electricity charge.

Starting with fully monitoring the energy consumption for the farm and testing all systems to maximum efficiency coupled with computer modelling over a sustained period, we have linked with an internationally respected German solar energy specialist to get the most efficient PV panels for installation.

Now, here you have a modular vertical farm that is truly capable or running off-grid! Can it get any better?

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