Green Build Systems (GBS) has a hand-picked core team, made up of Directors and Specialist Advisors selected from individuals with successful backgrounds from a diverse range of industries.



Alexander is a construction and real estate entrepreneur whose expertise and experience derives from a family built business stemming back several generations.

Alexander’s expertise helped the family business develop an award winning Nursing / Care home portfolio as well as building high quality 4-bedroomed detached residential properties .

As part of Alexander’s property prowess, he has more recently added to his real estate portfolio with investments made in land and related assets.

Alexander’s family property portfolio encapsulates a range of development assets ranging from stables, eco lodges, hotels, forestry and land, apartments, and industrial units.

A true visionary, Alexander studied the trends in eco building and recognised an ideal opportunity to develop construction products which would be energy saving, eco-friendly, and could make a real contribution to society whilst maintaining his high standards of profitable and sustainable businesses.

His keen interest in sustainability, the protection of flora and fauna, plant-based health foods and his desire to support local communities as well as supporting ways to help the underprivileged to be able to support themselves led to his keen interest in developing the GBS Modular Vertical farm systems.



Paul started his working life in the Accountancy profession before moving into the Energy industry.

Paul was Managing Director and 50% owner of the Total Energy Group of companies and was instrumental in the creation of their own gas supply company, known as Total Energy Gas Supplies Limited, which they sold out to Contract Natural Gas. Working with EDF, Paul and his colleagues had one of the largest direct sales forces and sub-agency networks in the UK.

He introduced commercial energy sales to uSwitch (the online energy switching platform), with his team having handled much of uSwitch’s business customer switching for 4 years until uSwitch brought such operations in-house.

Over time, Paul also worked on water supply and disposal budgeting, and was instrumental in implementing savings of £2.9 million a year for the Ministry of Defence (MoD) on their military sites in the South of England. Paul was subsequently involved with solar energy, advising commercial and residential clients on installation and financing arrangements (until the UK government slashed the Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) payments and the industry underwent reinvention).

More recently, Paul has used his vast experience across various industries to advise clients on securing funding for renewable energy installations and sustainable development projects.



Jason is the CEO of award-winning Aponic Ltd, developers of vertical Aeroponic Farming systems and sustainable food growing systems.

Starting with a background in engineering and programming but with a natural fascination for natural ecosystems, it seemed almost a natural progression for Jason to enter the world of vertical soil-less growing.

With business links to New Anglia Growth Hub, InCrops, and a member of AgritechE, Jason has appeared as guest speaker at a number of conferences and has visited Zambia with the DIT, as well as spending time with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Jason is spearheading our joint interests within the farming community particularly, focusing upon systems that can be installed into existing structures, as well as an African-based project in which we share mutual interests.

We have worked together with Jason occasionally for some time now, but as specific projects have been formulated and may be close to fruition, it is appropriate that we work much closely within a more formal structure.

Green Build

Sananbio US

The company is made up of a fusion of engineers, scientists, farmers and business professionals and with the assistance of sister company Sanan Opto- Electronics (The World’s largest LED chip manufacturer, plus the Institute of Botany of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.)

We are receiving advice, support and technical growing systems from a recognised expert and technical innovator in the burgeoning Agri-tech industry.

Our latest farm utilises The Radix which is cutting edge vertical farming technology which is providing simple solutions to complex problems.

Green Build

UPS Solar

UPS Solar are experts in the installation of solar pv systems and battery storage solutions, with a nationwide coverage offering a personal service. They are an ideal company to work with GBS and our clients as we move forward.

With a commercial farm and keen to aim for carbon neutral status, we have been keen to explore battery storage and backup systems as well as photovoltaic systems, and have found UPS Solar to be knowledgeable, offering sound advice and well equipped to handle all our requirements.

UPS Solar are members of the MSC (Microgeneration Certification Scheme), RECC (Renewable Energy Consumer Code), Government approved NAPIT (National Association of Professional Inspectors & Testers) and also fully backed under insurance through QANW (QA National Warranties). We are confident that UPS Solar can help us provide an overall invaluable service to our clients.

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