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Green Build Systems (GBS) is committed to the creation of both highly efficient manufacturing systems and, in this instance, the manufacturing of cost-effective eco-friendly construction products for which there is a proven demand both now and in the foreseeable future.

With a pedigree of environmentallyconscious operations and products within the Rothgen family of companies, we have a sound background in our market place and, as well as a hand-picked team to manage and develop our business, we also have group expertise that we can call upon.

Green Build Systems operates on several levels: as a manufacturer of innovative and sustainable eco-centered construction products, inclusive of design and off-site build services to our clients when required; and, as designer and project manager for our semi-automated and fully automated factories and manufacturing systems, which may be replicated worldwide.

Green Build Systems is in the fortunate position of having designed and developed an insulated composite eco-panel at a time when demand outstrips the markets ability to supply such products, and has also, through its sister companies, a foot-hold within its “niche markets” and has therefore already obtained forward orders in place with letters of intent.

Environment and sustainable products

Our concern continues through our method of manufacturing, in that not only do we seek to offer employment where needed but also we are keen that our products are environmentally friendly wherever practicable, minimise wastage and are reusable. Our completed products may also be used to provide social housing, emergency disaster shelters, refuges, grow farm pods where agriculture fails, educational buildings, and temporary accommodation / feeding stations / emergency medical wards.

An eye on the future

With our research and development team in place, we are continuing to develop our products in order to maximise our market penetration opportunities, and will continue to apply for all possible valid accreditations and testing on our products in order to ensure that market limitations are (where possible) not applied to any of our major products.


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