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Green Build Systems Limited (GBS) is a unique blending of a Research and Development facility with vertical farming solutions, inclusive of GBS Vertical Farms; a manufacturing unit enhancing the progression of innovative and practical manufactured solutions.

With our strategic partners’ support, we are able to combine renewable energy (solar and thermal) with efficient vertical farming methods.

By fusing the use of solar energy farms with vertical farms, we can also help provide food, electricity, and thermal energy.

Through the design and manufacture of Agritech systems, we assist with providing solutions to address global Food Security and Food Accessibility issues.

We also engage in the construction of fully sustainable modular buildings via timber-framed methods using responsibly harvested sustainable forestry timbers, or by utilising our own Eco SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) depending upon local temperature requirements.

Engaged in the development and manufacture of highly energy efficient advanced construction grade Eco Panels, we continue the development of our own construction panels to support Passivhaus construction standards.


GBS Modular Vertical Farms – A Vertical agritech solution

Our innovative and bespoke development of “GBS Modular Vertical Farms” will serve as our contribution towards helping create an improved and more sustainable environment for all, both now and in the future.

Sustainable agricultural practice is important and plays an active role in not only helping combat depleting resources such as food, and contributing to the betterment of health and well-being, but is also integral towards addressing important environmental and humanitarian concerns.


Our Research and Development project remains committed to the development of the GBS Eco-Panels. Whilst we continue to explore and develop practical and cost-effective full format construction composite panels capable of supporting full Passivhaus rated efficient buildings, we recognised that we had the capability of producing smaller scale eco panels. These could enable GBS to construct modular buildings and we have noted suitable applications – particularly within the Agritech and Vertical Farming spaces.

Our research has further demonstrated that, not only are we required to utilise our GBS Eco-Panel system when location temperatures or dramatic fluctuations dictate the need, but that we could also manufacture our bespoke modular buildings using sustainable timbers.


The GBS team continue to explore and develop our vision of producing, in-house, the GBS full format eco panel. This is being designed to complement full Passivhaus and negative carbon status for many building types.

We have patents pending in this area and continue to monitor such progress. This and the development of our advanced robotically controlled manufacturing processes are still progressing, and we retain a clear vision of the enormous financial potential when coupled with the undoubted environmental benefits when construction is made to be so much faster, flexible and fully sustainable.

With so much interest being shown in our Agritech / Modular Vertical Farm structures and fully equipped GBS Modular Vertical Farms, our Research and Development team has expanded its horizons in order to allow us to begin the nurturing of our own unique efficient growing systems, lighting systems, ventilation, software and even growing towers that enable us to achieve maximum yields for fresh produce with the lowest environmental impact.

Alongside our strategic partners and advisors, we are also injecting our shared experience to further develop vertical and urban farming techniques both in hydroponic and aeroponic spheres, as well as continuing to develop renewable energy systems.

By co-operating we learn

For sales or further information on any of the above,
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