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A bespoke approach to agri-tech


Within the next 5-10 years, food shortages will affect many more people. By 2050, the predicted population will increase to 9 billion.

The United Nations (UN) 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) exist to help create a brighter future for people and the planet by 2030.

The UN’s main objective is to help bring the global community together in order to address the world’s most pressing of challenges in society today, e.g. poverty, climate change, and sustainability of the world’s resources.

GBS’s innovative and bespoke development of its “Vertical Farming/Modular Pod” will serve as our contribution towards helping create an improved and more sustainable environment for all in the future. Sustainable agricultural practice is important and plays an active role in not only helping combat depleting resources such as food, but also in addressing important environmental concerns.

A conscious approach to
the UN SDGs

Utilising sustainable
& modular methods

Optimisation &
bespoke in design

Equipped with
Hydroponic Systems

Green bUild Systems Ltd
EIS Investment Opportunity

Invest In The Future Of Sustainable Agritech

advanced manufacturing


The growing demand for low-emission buildings and favourable government policies around the world are supporting the growth of the green building materials market.

This statement is usually followed by concern about the high capital investment needed in comparison with conventional construction methods. Green Build Systems (GBS) will demonstrate that it is more than possible to produce and use innovative eco-friendly construction materials and manufacturing processes cost effectively, but also to future proof the structure with lower energy costs.

Adopting a pioneering approach

The development of a centre of excellence: a manufacturing facility creating next-generation sustainable, re-useable and cost-effective construction materials

Imagine a unique construction panel that compares with the following:

Traditional house build

6-7 months


Timber-framed house build

Approx. 3 months


House built using GBS Composite panels – water-tight shell   

2-12 DAYS

Now imagine what else we can do with panels that can be delivered flat-pack to make a modular pod / building, or delivered as panels that your own team constructs with, or where a pod / single storey modular building shell can be delivered to site ready-made.

The possibilities are endless

Garden rooms to social housing;

Pods for hotels to homeless persons shelters;

Disaster area emergency accommodation to school rooms to modular farm buildings.

Even the manufacturing processes and factories are unique to GBS

Not only has the GBS team developed unique composite full format construction wall, floor and roof panels (patent pending), we have also developed a unique process of manufacture (patent pending) in our own purpose-built factory.

With our automated and precision engineered methods of manufacturing, long gone are the days of high wastage in the manufacturing process. In addition, there is the bigger bonus of not having teams on the construction site cutting materials down to make windows and doors fit.

It’s precision made – we aim for a virtually air-tight seal. Imagine the savings.


The GB Eco Panel
The next generation of Full Format Panels

Next-generation building materials offer significant improvements on current building methods, savings in building costs, and energy savings for the end user. Flexible and advanced composite building products meet the needs of changing and legislative landscapes.


Our Market Place

Portfolio of our market sectors – where the GBS composite insulated panel can provide cost-effective solutions AND help protect the next generation’s future.


The GBS automated composite panel factory

The GBS factory is a centre of excellence embracing robotic systems to improve efficiency and output within composite panel manufacturing, whilst producing energy efficient and cost-effective building solutions which significantly improve construction time-scales.

Taking a revolutionary, but evolutionary step

towards meeting Passivhaus Standards and low energy consumption


Who we are and what we stand for. Committed to a greener future and a long-term energy saving strategy, whilst maintaining a socially responsible position.

While our objective is to maximise our profit for our shareholders, our philosophy remains committed to creating positive change and to offering valuable contributions to those who find themselves in difficulty and are less fortunate than many others. Our decisions are made with a careful concern with regard to our environment and to the positive social impact we can help to provide and sustain both locally and further afield. We see no conflict between an ability to make financial gain whilst improving the wellbeing of our global community.

Find out more about
the GBS Modular pod & GB Eco Panel solutions


Pinnacle 17th Floor, 67 Albion Street,
Leeds, England, LS1 5AA

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